At Knack, we’re passionate about vinyl. When we want to sit back, listen to and enjoy music, it’s more often than not our vinyl record collection we reach for. Not only for its natural and musical sound, but for the ritual. The commitment to sitting and listening to a record from start to finish. To experience the artist’s vision for their complete album. We love it. Especially when it sounds great!

Knowing WHO is cutting your lacquers is important to the sound quality of your finished record. We’ve made it a priority to develop a close working relationship with cutting facilities who are as passionate as we are about the vinyl format…and who just so happen to cut great sounding records!

We work closely with Cameron Henry at Welcome to 1979 in Nashville, TN as well as J.J. Golden at Golden Mastering in Ventura, CA. These are people we know and trust and are who we typically recommend for cutting.

Of course, we will also supply files prepared specifically for the vinyl format to the cutting engineer or pressing plant of your choice.

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